Unificación y construcción de las instalaciones Aceites La Muralla

Unification and Construction of Aceites La Muralla Facilities

The year was 1878 when the young Manuel Villén Luque inherited his family business from his father, Manuel Villén Castro. The business consisted of an oil mill, a bank (La Banca Villén), and a tobacco factory. In the same year, the official registration of the "La Muralla" oil brand took place, which was named after the estate and the existing animal-driven oil mill.

1888 - 1934. First Exports

Before the arrival of the 20th century, there are documents that provide evidence of the first exports to Argentina by Aceites La Muralla. So much so that, under the management of Manuel Villén Priego (Grandson), some media outlets were already highlighting that "The trade in oils carried out by this company is of great importance" (El Liberal). At this point, the La Muralla industry (comprising 4 factories and an oil mill) embraced the then-innovative technology of steam power.

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