Giving oil as a gift for Communion: a perfect premium gift for guests

Giving oil as a gift at a Communion is always a good idea.

Extra virgin olive oil is always a gift that triumphs among the guests at a Communion. It is a product that will almost certainly be consumed, that leaves its mark, especially in these times. Giving oil from the Sierras Subbéticas is synonymous with giving excellence, quality and care. Guests will be delighted because there is nothing as practical, versatile and delicious as giving extra virgin olive oil as a gift.

Arriving at the table of a Communion and finding a coquettish bottle of EVOO with the personalization of the Communion is a memory that leaves a mark. Giving olive oil as a gift, and also personalized, will make the guests remember how much fun they had at the Communion, the family giving the gift and the protagonist of the day. And that will happen every time they use the personalized bottle of extra virgin olive oil in their preparations, whether for the morning toast or to garnish a good carpaccio.

regalar aceite de oliva en Comunión

Giving olive oil from the Sierras Subbeticas is giving one of the most acclaimed oils in the world. Valuing the local product as a gift elevated to gourmet will mark the guests of your Communion. The versatility that gives us the personalized extra virgin olive oil is very high: choose the design according to the style of the event or the family.

Customize oil bottles for your communion

In Aceites La Muralla we offer the family of the Communion a bottle customizer, where you can choose the color of the cap, the capsule and the label. A personalized oil for Communion adapted to your needs. The minimum quantity is 12 units, affordable for any event, regardless of its size. 

Try our Personalizer and if you have any doubt, we will do the personalization ourselves, which is completely manual and adapted to the needs of the family of the Communion.

If you do not know what to give this spring, remember that very close to you you have an incredible product, the extra virgin olive oil from traditional olive groves, early harvesting and cold extraction, to give the best gift to your Communion guests.

Here is a tutorial for you to use the extra virgin olive oil customizer yourself.

Write us with any query.

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