Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cortijo La Muralla

Hojiblanca Variety

Our Hojiblanca EVOO is one of our most highly acclaimed products due to its amazing versatility. It is recommended for all types of use. Raw, for dressings and salads, for all types of stews, and highly recommended for frying due to its stability and long-lasting properties. This variety has a high oleic acid content.

The Hojiblanca variety of this oil is carefully collected from our olive trees, some of which are more than 200 years old located in the Subbética Natural Park.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Due to its great balance, it is recommended for all types of use. Raw, for dressings and salads; for all kinds of stews and highly recommended for frying due to its stability and long-lasting properties (the Hojiblanca variety has a high content of oleic acid).


Hojiblanca is the most dominant variety in the geographical area where our olive groves are located (Córdoba countryside and Sierras Subbéticas). It is very versatile, thanks to its wide range of flavors and aromas. A suitable Extra Virgin Olive Oil for those who don't seek an overly intense flavor but still want the characteristic taste of liquid gold.

Tasting Notes

Bright golden color with hints of olive green. On the nose, the fruity aroma combines green and ripe notes. Very balanced on the palate, with a sweet entry and hints of almonds. Very smooth and light in its attributes of bitterness and spiciness.

Aromas and Flavour

It is produced through cold extraction (less than 27 degrees) to preserve all its aromas and healthy properties (polyphenols) in our family mill, and it is stored at controlled temperatures in our cellar until sale. A top-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, obtained directly from Hojiblanca olive variety using only mechanical processes.

Harvest: 2021-2022

Type of Olive: Hojiblanca

Origin of the Olives: Natural Park of Subbéticas, Rute, Córdoba

Cultivation Type: Traditional olive groves with centuries-old and bicentennial olive trees

Quality: Extra Virgin

Harvest: In November-December, on our family estate

Extraction Method: Cold-pressed at temperatures below 27°C

Presentation: Filtered

Milling: Within 6 hours, in our own olive mill

Chemical Parameters: Less than 0.4º acidity, less than 20 meq O2 / Kg of peroxides, less than 0.22 K270, less than 2.5 K232.

Storage Recommendations: Keep in a cool place, away from light, and avoid sudden temperature changes.

Usage Recommendations: Arbequina oil, due to its sweet and mild character, has a broader range of culinary applications than other more robust olive oils. It is ideal for making sauces and pastries because of its soft and delicate flavor. It also pairs perfectly with raw applications such as on toast, marinades, salads, or drizzled over fish and seafood. This olive oil is a great choice to introduce children to olive oil consumption and for those unaccustomed to olive oil.

From Our Olive Grove to Your Table: No intermediaries. We oversee the entire process, from cultivation to the final sale.

Nutritional values per 100 ml.

Energy value/calories
3389 Kj / 824 Kcal
Total fat

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