Spring of events... and gifts

Customized extra virgin olive oil cases and bottles, an idea for your event, wedding or communion.

Spring is approaching, the most awaited season, and the events are starting: weddings, baptisms, communions, fairs, etc.

Everything becomes more cheerful, colorful and bright. And we feel like celebrating things, don't we?

Part of the team of Aceites La Muralla has recently been married and we know the illusion with which a wedding is prepared: invitations, wedding dresses, groom's suit, photographers, etc.  

But something common to all the brides and grooms we talk to is the subject of wedding gifts: they are a real headache, they take time away from our organization (with all that needs to be done!) and we want to surprise but at the same time please as many guests as possible. If we give decorative objects, we run the risk of giving something that will be forgotten in a drawer. Crafts, made by the bride and groom's own family, are unforgettable details but they require a lot of time for preparation, purchase of materials, etc. 

We, therefore, bet on gifts like extra virgin olive oil: everyone likes it, it is useful, delicious, beneficial and brings back the essence of the natural, classic and traditional. A gift that never fails and that surprises if it is personalized, both for the message and the design. In addition, the last few years have been key for the development of new packaging and new types of bottles, with different types of printing, which makes the oil look like what it is: an elegant, beautiful, sophisticated, minimalist and essential gift. 

In Aceites La Muralla we have different gift options for weddings, communions, baptisms or any other type of event. All these options are handmade by us from start to finish: from the design, printing, packaging, packaging, etc.. We will guide you in which circumstances one format or another is more appropriate or which personalized gifts are more suitable depending on the proximity to the guest:

Special customized gift for guests, diners or clients.

The boxes are perfect special personalized gifts for godmother, godparents or special family members. 

Sometimes you are looking for a gift that has the stamp of the bride and groom and that is suitable for different members of the family, that works well with everyone equally but that is not something cold and distant. That's why we have given a personalized gift box with our names on it. 

Now there is also a trend to give personalized gifts for the next to get married or close friends. Couples who are getting married soon usually have a small gift and the bride and groom have an excuse to go to their tables to greet them and toast with them. The boxes are easy to transport and surprise when you open them, since you don't expect what's inside.

We customize the cases with a silver print, matching the black of the case. We think it is a perfect contrast, fine and elegant. We think it looks great but we are willing to listen to your ideas and reflect your wedding or communion logo or your corporate logo. This way the case will have your signature and will be unmistakable. 

Therefore, we see it as a very successful corporate gift also if you want to surprise your team in a convivial day, on a company anniversary, for a retirement, as a Christmas gift for customers or for those close to the company that in the end are more friends than business partners. 

We believe that this type of gift gives humanity to the object. It is not just a bottle of extra virgin olive oil (which is already a lot!) but something that the giver has taken the trouble to personalize so that the case will last, even if the oil runs out. So we see that it is a detail different from what is usually carried but without losing the essence of the classic and good taste.

Customized gift for guests


The 100 mL and 250 mL bottles of extra virgin olive oil are perfect as a gift for guests at weddings, events and communions. 

The 100 mL bottles have the option of personalization on the front label and on the little card that hangs on a string. They are square and are a fantastic and tiny detail. They can be kept in the guest's jacket. If you are a wedding guest this year, don't forget it on the table! Many people go dancing and leave their personalized EVOO gift where they had lunch or dinner. It is normal because the euphoria of the moment makes us forget. But the next day, we will appreciate a good breakfast with toast and EVOO.

The 250 mL bottle version however, is a more elegant gift, with more portent and body, making it difficult to forget. In this case we consider that the most elegant way to present it is with the personalisation of the label on the front. On the back it would have all the nutritional information. 

Both oils are iOliva, our premium brand, the best oil we can offer to the guests of your event, as it is a special selection from our family estate. Pure olive juice to be enjoyed raw so that all its properties are preserved. 

If you want to know all the options for personalising olive oil bottles, do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you want to try our personaliser yourself? Do you prefer a DIY process and already have your label ready just to attach it? We leave you our website so you can order your designs directly there and proceed with the order. It's very simple, it will take you 5 minutes.

In short, whether it's a bride and groom, parents of a child making communion or a company, gifts like these are a token of appreciation for attending the event. These little touches are important because they can help to make guests feel valued and appreciated, which in turn can enhance their experience at the event. In addition, gifts can be a way of expressing the personality and tastes of the giver, and can serve as a reminder of the event and the good times shared with friends and family. It is also common for gifts to be useful or practical in some way, which makes them more meaningful and appreciated by the guests.

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