What is Veganuary and why should you try it?

What is Veganuary?

Veganuary is an initiative organised by a British NGO of the same name that promotes the idea of trying veganism during the month of January. In 2022, more than 600,000 people around the world took part in the event, which has gone beyond the organisation itself and is gaining more and more followers every year. It would be something similar to the famous "movember".

And why January? Perhaps because we all want to start the year with renewed ideas and good resolutions and veganism arouses a certain curiosity in us. In addition, the excesses of Christmas and the preconceived idea of the continued consumption of meat during the festive season, among others, are the main reasons to get excited.

aove aceites la muralla ioliva veganuary

What products should you consume if you are starting Veganuary? Whether you're thinking of starting today or after the Three Kings' cake, planning is essential to avoid temptation. Most people who sign up tend to do so with the environment, animal welfare and sustainability in mind, rather than a rejection of the product itself. Although you may already know about many alternatives to animal products, you probably don't have as many in mind as those listed here:

The most obvious: vegetables

They will be your greatest allies as they are the most versatile foods in any culinary style. They can be eaten fried, baked, in soup, grilled... the possibilities are endless. Prioritise those that are in season whenever possible.


Another great source of nutrition thanks to all they offer (including protein). Rice, pasta, oatmeal. Although the queen of cereal protein is undoubtedly quinoa.

Vegetable protein

Tofu, seitan and soya, in their infinite forms (sausage, fillet...).


Undoubtedly, the big stars. In Spain we are very used to eating them in stews and soups, but a complete lentil salad is more fashionable than ever.

legumbres aove veganuary
ingredientes veganos saludables aove la muralla

Fruit, nuts and seeds

Fruit is undoubtedly an indispensable source of water, fructose, potassium, etc. Nuts provide healthy fats as well as sterols, antioxidants, etc. They also make a great snack. On the other hand, seeds are more fashionable than ever: flax seeds, chia seeds... and they are used in salads, yoghurts, etc.

Vegetable drinks and yoghurts

Rice, soya, oat, etc. are available. Nuts.


Nutritional yeast is used as a substitute for cheese, as it provides a similar taste. In contrast, tapioca starch and chickpea flour are some of the best known egg substitutes. There are many low-processed options for substituting these two kitchen staples. 

Vegan healthy fats

That's where we come in, along with avocado, peanuts and other nuts. But don't forget: there is no better natural fat than extra virgin olive oil, hence its popularity.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) from Spain, and more specifically that which comes from Andalusia and the Subbética region of Cordoba, is considered one of the best products in the world for everyday cooking. Not only are its well-known properties the basis for a healthy diet, but its aroma and flavour are unique in the world. Our arbequina (Cortijo la Muralla) or hojiblanca (Cortijo La Muralla or iOliva - hojiblanca premium) varieties will provide your vegan dishes with the best EVOO. It is a satiating and antioxidant product, so you can drink it without any regrets after the holidays, as it is healthy, fresh and very healthy.

We encourage you to learn about the 4 vitamins in EVOO here. Our recommendation is that you take advantage of these trends (or fads) to research and discover new ways of consuming (vegetable) protein and healthy fats. The Internet opens the doors to a world of delicious recipes, good olive oils and new perspectives on food and nutrition. 

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