Olive oil as a natural cosmetic

  • What to use when your make-up remover runs out?
  • How to moisturise our skin with olive oil?
  • How to use EVOO in a beauty routine?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has some well-known properties for our health. As we told you last week, EVOO is a superfood, rich in vitamins, polyphenols and compounds that act as great allies of our body, but it also has other uses with positive effects on our body. Olive oil can be used as a moisturising, repairing and emollient ingredient in a good beauty routine that uses natural ingredients.  Today, we bring you some of the best ways to incorporate our liquid gold into your daily cosmetic routine.

1. As a natural make-up remover

The fats present in the structure of olive oil adhere to the compounds that formulate products such as foundations, mascaras or eyeliners and break down their chemical structure. The fatty molecules of EVOO trap those oil-based molecules present in most make-up products and are able to carry them away without residue while respecting the natural barrier of your dermis.

You can remove your make-up by applying a few drops of olive oil to a cotton pad. Wipe over your skin until all the make-up is removed. To finish cleansing, we recommend using a gentle gel on your face to remove the greasy feeling. Your skin will be deeply nourished without any annoying make-up residue.

2. As a deep-acting moisturiser

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has particular antioxidant properties in our organism; this extends to its use on our skin. The antioxidant action of EVOO effectively combats the harmful effects of free radicals. Also, due to its lipid structure, it is able to prevent water loss through the epidermis. Apply EVOO to damp skin in those areas where you need extra hydration and then dry your skin normally. You will see that it will be smoother and look much healthier.

3. To deeply nourish damaged hair

Olive oil is very rich in vitamin E; known to be a strong lipid protector. A weekly treatment with EVOO on the hair reduces friction by creating a protective film on the hair fibre ensuring deep nourishment. To benefit from these properties, you can improvise a mask with warm olive oil. Apply it to your hair from mid-lengths to ends and wrap it in a towel or scarf for best effect. After 40 minutes, wash your hair as normal. You will notice your hair is stronger and shinier from the first application.

4. For shaving hair

On wet skin, apply a layer of olive oil; this will prevent skin irritation when shaving legs and underarms while moisturising your skin during the shaving process.

The moisturising film that the olive oil creates on your skin helps to reduce the friction produced by the blades and eliminate unwanted skin irritation.

At the end of the epilation, your skin will have been nourished during the process as a bonus.

5. Against chapped lips

Olive oil has an emollient action on our skin, i.e. it is able to moisturise it from the inside. Applying olive oil to our lips will help us to repair the cracks that begin to appear with changes in temperature and, by deeply nourishing the lip, will prevent them from reappearing. We recommend an exfoliating treatment once a week, mixing olive oil with brown sugar. Your lips will be left soft and moisturised in a completely natural (and delicious) way.

We wanted to share with you the most practical and well-known ways, although we are sure that we have left out some interesting uses. If you know of any other uses, we would be delighted to hear from you. We hope these tips will help you to take care of yourself in a more environmentally friendly way.

From now on, when you don't know what to use instead of your make-up remover, moisturiser or mask, remember to look in your pantry. Your skin, and the planet, will thank you.

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